Computational Neuroscience


Welcome to the Computational Neuroscience research group. 


  • The new study program "Master Neuroscience" starts in winter term 2015/2016

Recent publications

  • F. Pirschel, J. Kretzberg (2016) "Multiplexed Population Coding of Stimulus Properties by Leech Mechanosensory Cells" The Journal of Neuroscience, 36(13): 3636-3647 
  • Kretzberg, J, et al.  (2016), "Encoding of Tactile Stimuli by Mechanoreceptors and Interneurons of the Medicinal Leech", Frontiers in physiology 7 (2016)
  • Koepcke, L., Ashida, G., & Kretzberg, J. (2016). Single and Multiple Change Point Detection in Spike Trains: Comparison of Different CUSUM Methods. Frontiers in systems neuroscience10





Prof. Dr. Jutta Kretzberg 
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