Physical Chemistry - Al-Shamery

Overview of our TEM and SEM facilities

The electron microscopy unit is a core facility unit of the School of Mathematics and Sciences of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. It is affiliated to the Nanophotonics and Surface Chemistry working group of Prof. Katharina Al-Shamery (Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry) and actually operates a Hitachi S3200N scanning electron microscope (SEM) and two transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), a Zeiss EM902A and a Jeol2100F.

Biological samples can be easily examined with the Hitachi S3200N SEM or the Zeiss EM902A TEM, and devices which are needed for sample preparation, i.e. for ultrathin sectioning, staining, critical point drying, and surface coating are available.

Research on non-biological materials, such as organic and inorganic nanoparticles and films, which are used in areas like photovoltaics, semiconductor research, or in electrocatalysis can be undertaken using the Hitachi S3200N SEM or the Jeol 2100F TEM. Both are equipped with energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) systems which allow the determination of elemental composition and spatial distribution of elements within a sample. It has to be mentioned in this context, that EDX analyses give rise to relative errors ranging from 5-10 %, and that the penetration depth of the electron beam into the specimen depends on the composition of the sample and on the acceleration voltage, and thus ranges from approx. 20 µm to 500 nm. Atomic resolution of nanoparticles which show highly ordered, crystalline lattices is achieved with the Jeol 2100F TEM.

The team actually consists of two technicians (one in half-time employment) and a scientist (50% working time), and provides –within its means– operating service on the electron microscopes, training for beginners/new users, troubleshooting during operation, application support, and help in preparations for scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

Requests from Industry are welcome.