ChemBioDraw Ultra 16

New: ChemBioDraw 16 - Now available!

Starting in 2012, the institute purchased a site license for ChemBioDraw Ultra for an initial three years, In 2015, this subscription has been renewed for additional three years (information with respect to the renewal can be found at the end of the page). Below are instructions to install (and upgrade) the package.

Any student and staff member with an email address qualifies for usage of chemBioDraw. Using the following link, the software can be downloaded after verification of a valid email address (and possibly registration with Perkin-Elmer):

An email with a personal serial number for installation and activation is sent. Prior to installation, any old version needs to be removed.

Additional information for download and installation by CambridgeSoft/PerkinElmer:

License Renewal for ChemBioDraw until 2018 - and what you need to do

The institute has renewed its site license for ChemBioDraw for additional three years until September 2018. However, there are several steps required to continue working with ChemBioDraw (registered users have been informed directly by Perkin-Elmer). Please see the following instructions provided by Perkin-Elmer:



University of Oldenburg has renewed your Site Subscription, and in order to maintain your working copy of ChemBioDraw Ultra 14, please follow the steps below. Your current software will expire on Saturday, September 19, 2015, so please take action before then. If you experience any trouble, your institution's technical contacts are:
    Rainer Koch

I. If you are using ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 version 13 on a PC:
You need to reactivate with your existing serial number. Reactivating will extend your current software's license until Wednesday, September 19, 2018.
1. To reactivate, launch the ChemDraw application and click 'Activate' on the 'Help' menu then put in your serial number (it shows up automatically if you originally activated on the same machine).
2. Click on 'Activate over the Internet' to complete the activation. If that fails (because you don't have an Internet connection) then you can activate by phone, fax, or email to receive an activation code.
3. The software will display a warning message one month before the previous expiration date, and you can close that window then click 'Activate' on the 'Help' menu.
4. If your software has already expired, you will be immediately prompted to activate when you launch ChemDraw.


Individual Download Instruction for Software

  1. Visit

  2. Account Verification
    Enter valid institution email address.
    • Only emails with valid domain(s) have access to site subscription

  3. Account Verification
    Click "Continue" on account verification screen.

  4. PerkinElmer Informatics User Account
    • Sign up for a new PerkinElmer Informatics User Account or login to an existing account.
    • If you have an existing CS User Account, email confirmations will be sent to the email@[institution domain] and not the address of the existing account
    • Account registration is required to access online databases

  5. Download Software
    • Download the software and manual after registration is complete
    • Access to included databases is automatic after registration is complete. To manage database subscriptions, login to your CS User Account and click "Manage Database Subscriptions
    • An email will be sent with instructions to access software and/or database

  6. Activate your software
    • When you start installing your PerkinElmer Informatics software, you will be asked to Activate. If you wish to activate at a later time, you can choose to "Activate Later". Detailed Activation Instructions

  7. PerkinElmer Informatics User Account