Comparative Politics

Short Bio

I got B.A. and M.A. degrees in international relations and political science. During my studies, besides the conventional politics & international relations courses I took many classes on psychology (social, biological, clinical) and cultural studies. I got involved in psychoanalysis and cultural studies before, during and after my M.A. studies; and I also dabbled in clinical psychology for a little while after I graduated. Meanwhile, I was working as a sales person in a multinational outdoor advertising company in order to finance my master’s education. In 2008 I graduated from Galatasaray University's Regional and Strategic Studies program with a thesis on the political psychology of national identity. During 2010-2012 I taught sociology and social psychology classes on an introductory level to first-year undergraduate students at Bilkent University’s Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences. Currently, I'm teaching courses on nationalism and political psychology to mostly second and third-year undergraduate students in Oldenburg.


I enjoy watching political comedy shows, reading popular science magazines and blogs. Before becoming a humdrum academic I was very much into indie rock; I still play drums a little and love it despite my lack of talent.

Research and Teaching Interests

My primary research interests are at the intersection of nationalism studies and political psychology.
In particular, my research addresses the following.
(1)    Subjectivity in the national identification processes and individual differences (in personality and attachment style) that would explain that subjectivity.
(2)    Psycho-metrics of elusive political constructs like national identity, patriotic & nationalistic attitudes and populism.
(3)    Prejudice against migrants and refugees.
I am also interested in social and political cognition in general, and how these are influenced by culture.

Publications and Working Papers

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Wuthrich, F.M. and Ardag, M.M. and Ugur, D. (2012). Politics, Cultural Heterogeneity and Support for the European Union in Turkey, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 12(1), 45-62.

Working Papers

  • Ardag, M. M., Cohrs, J. C., & Selck, T. (2017). Studying National Identities with a Multi-Method Approach: Examples from Germany and Turkey. Paper presented at the ISPP Annaual Meeting Revisiting Core Themes of Tyranny, Intergroup Relations and Leadership, Edinburgh, Scotland. Available at
  • Ardag, M. M., Cohrs, J. C., & Selck, T. (2017). Short Report on the European Union, Refugees and National Identity in Germany Survey Results from a Convenience Sample of University Students. Available at
  • Ardag, M. M. (2016). The Role of Political Orientation, Populist Attitudes and Personality in identification with the EU: A Pilot Study with German and Turkish University Student Samples for Further Cross-Country Research. Paper presented at the Political Pschology of Populism, Central European University.