Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Prof Dr. Vernor Muñoz

This Human Rights Activist has developed an interdisciplinary path that includes education, investigation and literary production, which has been recognized with the literary national award.

Vernor Muñoz has been working for more than 20 years in Human Rights, combining his duties in the government sector and in non government organizations, with his duties as university professor. His creative work has been extended to the composition and production of music, non formal education and participative investigation processes.

He has been in charge of the Human Rights, Law Philosophy and Civil Law Departments at university, although his experience in the non formal education sector has extended to teach and training journalists, people in jail, children, adolescents and people living in the countryside of Central America.

He has worked as a consultant for non governmental organizations globally and several International organizations such as the Interamerican Institute of Human Rights, the Latinamerican Institute for the prevention of Crime, UNFPA and UNESCO.

He has been visiting professor in Universities in Argentina, Nicaragua, Colombia and Switzerland.

He has been General Defender of Human Rights of Costa Rica and has been part of national delegations for the principal Human Rights organizations in the UN system.

Some of his recent publications are: Flor con llave (poetry, 1989), De la ciudad y el chinamo (essay,1996), Infinita razón de los sueños (National Short Story Award, 2005), Noche es mar (poetry, 2005), El Ornitorrinco y otros inventos maravillosos (short stories, 2005), Geografía del Tiempo (poetry/play, 2006) and he is co-author of Para no cansarlos con el cuento (1989, Spanish narrative), y Ciudad Mundi (2000, essay), El oro por las cuentas (essay, 2006), Grandes temas del derecho a la educación (2009, essay), El mar entre la niebla  -el camino de la educación hacia los derechos humanos- (essay, 2009), among others. He is also author of many articles and chapters in magazines and national and international compilations, specialized in Human Rights.

In 2004 Muñoz was appointed as UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education.

He is actually Director of the Human Rights Education Department at the Costa Rican Ombudsman Office senior researcher at the Institute of Latinamerican Studies of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, as well as Member of the Deliberative Council of the Regional Found of Civil Society for education.

His academic background includes graduate and postgraduate titles in literature, law, and philosophy with a Ph.D. in education.



Prof. Dr. Vernor Muñoz (Costa Rica)
UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education.