Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Dr. Tony Bates

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Tony Bates has a sort of lived experience in using distance education in different types of institutions: he worked both in a dedicated distance teaching university (the famous UK Open University) and in a traditional research university (UBC) where he headed (until 2003) the DE&T (Distance Education and Technology) unit.

In his professional life Tony had experience with various educational technologies starting from print and broadcasting to the more recent technologies which allow responsive interaction at a distance. Recently, he contributed to the discussion of web 2.0 developments.
Since 2003 Tony has been working as a consultant to governments and universities, mainly on strategic planning of e-learning. He is currently working with the government of Alberta (a province of Canada) to develop (in collaboration with their post-secondary institutions) strategic directions for the use of technology in Alberta's post-secondary system. 

Tony runs a Externer Link blog on resources for e-learning, which includes a selected bibliography on costs and costing, as well as blogs on e-learning topics, including the management of technology.


Dr. Tony Bates
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