Master of Distance Education (MDE)

How will I study?

The Master of Distance Education & E-learning (MDE) program is designed to meet the educational needs of working adults around the world. To meet those needs, a high level of flexibility has been built into the program. For example, within the MDE there are no mandatory on-site meetings.

As a student studying within the MDE, you will find that the program is mildly paced. You will not study individually, but rather as a member of an online class. The MDE's twelve-week courses are offered during spring, summer, and fall semesters. Your weekly workload will amount to 12 to 13 study hours, time which is spent in reading, writing assignments and in participating in classroom discussions. These online discussions are asynchronous and text-based.

Courses are asynchronous in nature, and you will expected to respond to the questions and arguments posted in the online classroom. Each twelve-week course is generally structured as a sequence of modules that span over several weeks and focus on specific issues related to the course topic.

Although the main mode of teaching and learning is asynchronous and text-based, you will also have the opportunity to partcipate in synchronous communication and the occasional use of other media such as audio and video. For example, one synchronous online classroom application called Wimba that is used in the MDE allows screen sharing and sychronus collaboration. These live sessions can be easily recorded for those unable to participate.