Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Specialization II:

Distance Education Technology (DETC)

As with the other specializations of the Master of Distance Education & E-learning (MDE), the DETC specialization focuses on educating future managers of modern distance education. The technology specialization does not, however, aim at forming IT experts or technicians. Instead, the DETC form managers who can eventually manage technology-related aspects of DE program development, including setting up appropriate technology configurations, selecting tools, and managing the technology-related aspects of media integration, course design, and development.

Career options for graduates of this specialization include positions as:

  • Technical directors
  • Production managers
  • Technical advisors or consultants
  • Coordinators of online instruction

Courses within this specialization specifically addressing technology-related issues and include:

  • DETC 630 Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Systems
  • IMAT  639 Internet Multimedia Applications
  • DETC 620 Training and Learning with Multimedia

The DETC also include courses about technology in its broader historical and social context, such as OMDE 603 Technology in Distance Education & E-learning.

Along these same lines, a manager should also be aware of the intricate relationship between globalization and information and communication technologies (ITCs) which exerts a considerable influence in reshaping distance education. This topic is treated in detail in DEMP 625 Distance Education, Globalization, and Development.


Further Informations:

Here is a complete list of the courses of the DETC specialization.
A more detailed description of the DETC specialization and related career options can be found at the Externer Link UMUC website for the MDE program.

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