Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Specialization I:
Distance Education Teaching and Training (DETT)

The Master of Distance Education & E-learning (MDE) aims at educating future managers of modern distance education in each of its specializations. Courses included within the DETT specialization will help enable you to focus on those aspects of distance education which are specifically related to teaching and training.

Career options for graduates of this specialization include roles as:

  • Online teachers/tutors/trainers in a management or supervisory function
  • Pedagogical experts (online learning)
  • Online librarians/resource managers
  • Program evaluators/educational consultants or subject matter experts (SME) in distance education

The DETT specialization is grounded in the core-course OMDE 610 Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education.

Other courses that form this specialization include for example:

  • DETT 607 Instructional Design and Course Development in Distance Education & E-learning
  • DETT 611 Library and Intellectual Property Issues in Distance Education & E-learning
  • DETT 621 Training at a Distance
  • EDTC 650 Special Topics in Instructional Technology (Prerequisite DETC 620)
  • DEPM 604 Leadership in Distance Education and E-Learning




Further Informations:

Here is a complete list of the courses of the DETT specialization.

A more detailed description of the DETT specialization and related career options can be found at the Externer Link UMUC website for the MDE program.

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