Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Specialization III:

Distance Education Policy and Management (DEPM)

The third specialization of the Master of Distance Education (MDE) focuses on policy and management aspects of distance education. All of the MDE specializations aim at educating future managers of modern distance education, but this is particularly emphasized in the DEPM specialization.

Career options for graduates of this specialization include:

  • Director of distance learning (or director of extended education; access director; director of continuing education)
  • Project/program manager/director
  • Project management assistant
  • Coordinator of online instruction
  • Financial advisor/account manager

The specialization is grounded in the core-coursework of OMDE 606 Costs and Economics of Distance Education & E-learning.

Further courses specifically pertaining to policy and management functions include for example:

  • DEPM 609 Leadership in Distance Education & E-learning
  • DEPM 622 The Business of Distance Education & E-learning
  • DEPM 604 Distance Education & E-learning Systems 
  • DEPM 650 Practitioner Research in Distance Education and E-learning
  • DETT 611 Library and Intellectual Property Issues in Distance Education and E-Learning

Further Informations:

Here is a complete list of thecourses of the DEPM specialization.
A more detailed description of the DEPM specialization and related career options can be found at the Externer Link UMUC website for the MDE program.

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