Master of Distance Education (MDE)

Structure of the program

Within the Master of Distance Education & E-learning (MDE) students have three options for professional specialization:
(i) teaching and training, (ii) technology, and (iii) policy and management. Within these specializations there is a set of common or core courses. The table below gives an overview of the core courses and the required courses per specialization:

Core courses OMDE
Online Master of Distance Education & E-learning

OMDE 601
OMDE 603
OMDE 610
OMDE 606
OMDE 608

Specialization DETT Specialization DETC Specialization DEPM
Distance Education
Teaching & Training

Distance Education

DETT 607
DETC 630
DETC 620
DEPM 604
DEPM 625
IMAT 639
Distance Education
Policy & Management

DEPM 604
DEPM 609
DETT 611
DEPM 650
DEPM 622
DEPM 625

Capstone course OMDE

OMDE 670



  • All courses are three credit courses.
  • Twelve courses must be taken in all (for a total 36 credits): six core courses and six specialization or required courses.
  • The overall design of the program is modular and does not prescribe a specific sequence of courses.
  • The exceptions to the modular program structure are OMDE 601 Foundations of Distance Education & E-learning, which must be taken in the first semester and the OMDE 670 Capstone Course, which should be taken at the end of the program and is where MDE students complete an e-portfolio and write a final research project.

For an overview of the entire program see Externer LinkMDE Program Overview (UMUC).