University Statutes Committee (GOK)

Member Deputy

Group: professors

Jürgen Taeger, Faculty II
Axel Hahn, Faculty II
Martin Fränzle, Faculty IIN.N
Anke Hanft, Faculty I

Group: research assistants

Sven Rößler, Faculty I Andreas Hellmann, Faculty VI
Alfred Mikschl, Faculty II Markus Glötzel, Faculty II
Marie-Christine Vierbuchen, FK I Ute Vogel, Faculty II

Group: mtv (employees in technology and admin.)

N.N. N.N.
N.N. N.N.
N.N. N.N.

Group: Students

Dirk Stalhut Florian Hustede
Raphael Heitmann Eike Köhler
Jaro Ehlers Moritz Zeising


23rdd Term of office:
Status groups: Prof., WM (research assistants) and MTV (employees in technology and administration) 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2019
Stud. 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2018





Jürgen Taeger

Vice Chair:
Martin Fränzle

Office for Presidential Chair and Committee Supervision, general legal matters

Committee supervision
Sabine Osterkamp



University Statutes Committee (GOK) official position of 10/03/2016 and 14/04/2016