Organization of the university


The University of Oldenburg is a public organisation with the right of self-administration. Its affairs are governed by the university statutes and further regulations. The Lower Saxony Higher Education Act, NHG is superordinate to these regulations.

The members of the university have the right and the obligation to participate in self-administration in the fulfilment of university tasks in bodies, governing committees and committees with specific tasks. This obligation is stipulated in the university status and further regulations.

The Presidential Chair manages the university. The Senate passes the university regulations, especially the university statutes, and is responsible for development planning and equal opportunities in consultation with the Presidential Chair. It participates in all affairs of self-administration with significant effect to the university. The University Council is tasked with advising the Presidential Chair and the Senate. A Dean’s Office manages each faculty. The Faculty Council takes decisions in research and teaching affairs which are significant to the entire faculty and passes the faculty regulations.


Struciture of the university

Organization plan of the university.

Hereyou can find information on the members, session dates, and minutes (if public) of all the central governing committees.