Portfolios for Refugees

The "Kompetenzbereich Anrechnung" supports refugees creating a „Kompetenzportfolio“. The portfolio is a file in which all information about the education are collected. It contains i. a. a curriculum vitae and a competence assessment.

Especially refugees with missing proof for their education can have a huge profit by creating a portfolio:

If they wish to continue a study program a conclusive evidence of their previous educational career is needed to be considered for further examination. In these cases the portfolio can be used as a document of proof and might open the way to further tests and later on the entry into higher education.

But also refugees with certificates, who started or finished their higher education can use the offer to improve their application papers.

The portfolio shows future employers or consults exactly which focus your education had and which skills were developed. At the same time portfolios strengthen the validity of your application papers.


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