Office of European Affairs

Due to the various Research and Development (R&D) and education programs of the European Union and its different requirements, the Ministry of Science of Lower Saxony has set up Offices of European Affairs at the Universities of Braunschweig, Göttingen, Hannover, Osnabrück, and Oldenburg. The goal of these offices is to promote and thus increase the successful participation of all universities of Lower Saxony and their scientists in the European R&D programs. The offices cooperate closely together and have established close links to numerous European, as well as national institutions.

The Office of European Affairs in Oldenburg is a service office at Carl von Ossietzky University which advises members of the Carl von Ossietzky University and Technical Universities on matters of European research and financial aid programs.



The services of the Office of European Affairs include:

  • Information on EU programs
  • Information on current and planned European programs
  • Acquisition of necessary information from the European Union
  • Initiation of sponsored research and mobility programs
  • Funding of journeys, e.g. to project partners during proposal preparation
  • Supply of information packages, application forms, etc.
  • Assistance with application form procedures
  • Assistance with legal questions connected with the application and the project (EU contracts, consortium agreements)
  • Guidance and advice during proposal preparation
  • Support in managing projects of the EU (financing, Euro accounts etc.)
  • Financial Administration of EU funded projects.



Fundraising became increasingly important for carrying out research projects. And within the context of support projects in the EU, increasing demands for management skills are expected. Therefore, professional support from universities for scientists working in the area of project management has become essential. The Office of European Affairs has assumed this task by creating project management service in 2001.

The range of services covers:

  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Consultation for administrative questions and correspondence between the committees and project partners
  • Support in preparing the necessary reports for the EU committee
  • Support and consultation for negotiations with the committee
  • Meeting co-ordination and supervision of periods relating to projects
  • Over-seeing the project budget
  • Preparing finance reports and supporting documents for expenses.


Ilka Ficken (Head of Office)

Tel: +49(0)441/ 798-2817

Bianca Bockmeyer

Tel: +49(0)441/ 798-2916

Dörte Dannemann

Tel: +49(0)44/ 798-4764