Graduiertenkolleg Selbst-Bildungen


Dr. Sandra Janßen


Totalitäre Subjektivitäten. Zu Psychologie, politischer Theorie und Literatur der 1930er und 1940er Jahre

Post-Disciplinary Architectures. Subjectivation within the Office as a Dispositif

Denise Baumann

Björn Bertrams

Artists' Houses in England (1850-1920): Concept and Self-Conception

Urban Sport-Subjects – sportive Self-Making and the urban Space

Embarrassing touch. Analyzing the materiality of social practices

Hannes Glück

The Secret of Success - Mercantile Letter Liaisons in Mid-18th-Century

Participation and Recognition – Contributions to a Grammar of the Doctrine of Justification

Constructing Talent. An Ethnographic Study of Scouting Processes in High-performances Sports

IN FORM(mation). Health Promotion, Mobilisation and Subjectivation within the Activating Welfare State

Stefan Kühnen

Making Moves. A Sociological Study of Ballet and Tajiquan Practice

„Was machen/macht KuratorInnen? Aktuelle Prozesse der Reproduktion und Transformation einer Subjektform“ (Arbeitstitel)

“Doing Rurality”. Interdependencies between Rurality and Gender

Distancing as a Literary Strategy in the German Shoah Literature

Caribbean Realms of the Body: A praxeological Approach towards a History of the Moved Body in the late 18th Century

Practices of Changing Faith in the 17th Century

Thinking Masks – Thinking in Masks. On the Constitution of Personality in Nietzsche's Philosophy

Tom Wappler

'Let's hang the episcopal Dignity up the Wall.' Comparisons of Self-Makings of Late Medieval Bishops in the Holy Roman Empire

The Entrepreneur of His Self. Subject-Making and Practices of literary 'Self'-Staging in Contemporary Literature



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