Graduiertenkolleg Selbst-Bildungen



„Art and Self-Awareness. The Subject's Critique and aesthetic Experience in the Work of Adorno“

“Motives of Docility. On the historical Semantics of Loyalty in German History”

From Suffering to Deciding. A Genealogy of the Patient as a Decider-Subject

Members on a Scholarship

„The pugnacious Subject. The Boxing Match as an ethic Formation of Modernity“

“On Nazi-Vamps and Nazi-Camp. Sexualised Interpretive Models of National-Socialism and Italian Fascism as commemorative-cultural Practices of Subjectivation”

Practices of Self-Making in Migration's Spaces of Encounter (working title)

On the 'Foolishness of Dying deliberately': The Function and Meaning of suicidal Methods in German Literature around 1900

Members without Scholarships

From the Knowing Subject towards the Capacity of Participation and its Subjectivation in Practices. A Praxeographic Study of Sport Acrobatics

Thomas Pille

„Referendariat. Ethnographische Zugänge zu den Praktiken der Subjektivierung“

Research Students

Thomas Heidorn

Christopher Müller