Research Training Group SCARE

Specifying and Recognizing model changes based on Edit Operations

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Taentzer,  Universität Marburg



In model-based software development, models are iteratively evolved. To optimally support model evolution, developers need adequate tools for model versioning tasks, including comparison, patching, and merging of models. A significant disadvantage of tools currently avialable ist hat they display, and operate with, low-level model changes referring to internal model representations and potentially leading to intermediate inconsistent states. Higher-level consistency-preserving edit operations including refactorings are better suited to explain changes or to resolve conflicts. This talk presents an automatic procedure with transforms a low-level difference into a set of consistency-öpreserving edit operations only. It lays a basis for consistency-preserving model patching and merging. The approach is illustrated at UML expamples basing on the Eclipse Modeling Framework.