Ultraschnelle Nano-Optik

  • Dr. Petra Groß


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    Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
    Fakultät V - Institut für Physik
    AG Ultraschnelle Nano-Optik
    D-26111 Oldenburg


  • 2014.01

    Carrier-envelope phase effects on the strong-field photoemision of electrons from metallic nanostructures

    Björn Piglosiewicz, Slawa Schmidt, Doo Jae Park, Jan Vogelgesang, Petra Groß, Christian Manzoni, Paolo Farinello, Giulio Cerullo, and Christoph Lienau

    Nature Photonics 8, 37-42 (2014)

  • 2013.09

    Wave front adaption using a deformable mirror for adiabatic nanofocusing along an ultrasharp gold taper

    Slawa Schmidt, Pascal Engelke, Björn Piglosiewicz, Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Kyungwan Yoo, Namkyoo Park, Christoph Lienau, and Petra Groß

    Optics Express 21, 26564-26577 (2013)

  • 2013.07

    k-space Imaging of the Eigenmodes of Sharp Gold Tapers for Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy

    Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Bernard B. da Cunha, Jens H. Brauer, Ralf Vogelgesang, Petra Groß, Christoph Lienau

    Beilstein Journal for Nanotechnlogy 4, 603-610 (2013)

  • 2013.04

    Characterizing the optical near-field in the vicinity of a sharp metallic nanoprobe by angle-resolved electron kinetic energy spectroscopy

    Doo Jae Park, Björn Piglosiewicz, Slawa Schmidt, Heiko Kollmann, Manfred Mascheck, Petra Groß, and Christoph Lienau

    Ann. Phys. 525 (1-2), 135-142 (2013)