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PPRE-Students won PPRE challenge in Soccer again !

PPRE-Students repeated the 3:0 victory over the PPRE-Staff  in a challenging Soccer-match from last year. Nevertheless the PPRE-Staff managed to compensate the defeat by winning the successive Volleyball-match with 3:0 sets ! Afterwards the 2 parties exchanged experiences taken while enjoying a wonderful barbecue prepared by the students.


7th of June 2013: PPRE visit to Local Hydropower Plant in Oldenburg

27th of May 2013: PPRE-Students visiting the EWE ZentrumZukunft



 selection for PPRE 2013/15 complete

Until 15.1.2013, the PPRE Office received 518 (!) applications, which means another increase of approx. 60% compared to last year. Out of these 518 applications, only some 30 could be admitted.
For the first time, all applicants were asked to apply online by using the newly implemented online-application system at the University of Oldenburg. The new online process resulted in a drastic reduction of paper sent to the PPRE office among other things. The applicants benefited as well since costs for certifications and postage could be minimized for the self-sponsored deadline and application was possible until the last minute.

 New PPRE & EUREC Students started winter term (October 2012)



New Students experienced re power plants in the north west of germany (12.10.2012)







Renewable energy 2030 - Experts' Vision

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) the International Conference Renewable Energy 2030 - Experts' Visions took place from 1st & 2nd October 2012at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

See the complete Conference Programme for the International Conference Renewable Energy 2030 - Experts' Visions


Case Study 2012

The objective of the Case Study 2012 is to design a NEW ENERGY-LAB. PPRE and EP students worked in 6 teams during the whole semester, fulfilling all of the following tasks:

  • Space demand analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Load profile
  • Supply System and the Final presentation

The Final presentation was held by the students on the 9th of July. They had the opportunity to present their work to professors and high qualified renewable energy experts from the University of Oldenburg.


PPRE Challenge 2012

On a cloudy day, with a wet field, the PPRE students 2011-13 took on the defending champions from the previous year, the PPRE staff. Both teams had their share of slips and falls and collisions but none of it deterred either of the teams from continuing on their quest to win the game. For the first ten minutes the two teams were evenly balanced till Habtom decided to turn the game in the favour of students by scoring a goal by heading one through the defence of the staff goal keeper. No more goals were scored till half time and the score stood at 1-0 in the favour of students.

During the second half, PPRE staff took the field with a lot more aggression, determined to score. The staff made a couple of sharp attempts at scoring goals but the defenders and the goal keeper of the student team did not let the ball through. In an attempt to strengthen their attack, the staff reduced the number of defenders and utilizing this opportunity, Greg made an amazing field goal by receiving a brilliant pass from Abdou, taking the score to 2-0. In the last 2 minutes of the game, Mehari made a brilliant goal, once again receiving a smart pass from Abdou taking the score to 3-0. The students successfully beat the PPRE staff to win the title of PPRE Challenge 2012 Champions.

The football game was followed by a well organized barbecue. Hans Holtorf took charge of the grill and with assistance from Yutriz and Karakoz prepared delicious food for all the students, staff, and family members present at the occasion. Paulo treated the attendees with the self prepared Brazilian specialty - Caipirinha. The barbecue provided the students with an opportunity to interact with the staff members outside classroom environment. Away from the classroom stress, students and staff mingled and enjoyed a wonderful evening loaded with fun.

The students would like to thank all the staff members for a game played in good spirits and the exciting and fun barbecue. We extend our special thanks to Hans, Yutriz, Karakoz and Paulo for the special treats and Dr. Blum and Diana for capturing the special moments.


PPRE Students: Top (L-R): Mehari, Martin, David, Nuran, Harpreet, Sven, Alfonso, Dishant, Abdou / Bottom (L-R): Greg, Paulo, Habtom Bild 
PPRE Staff/Alumni: Top (L-R): Andreas, Edu, Jörg, Tarek, Michael, Annette, Evelyn / Bottom (L-R): Burak, Detlev, Florian, Jonathan (son of Dr. Blum) 

The Barbecue Attendees


On Friday the 1st of June 2012, PPRE and EP students visited the EWE Zunkunftshaus in Emstek. After a really warm welcome with coffee and tee it continued to a general presentation about the EWE and the EWE Zunkunftshaus by Ms. Lena Meyer and her college, then the different parts of the building were visited to show the technologies used in energy efficient house. At the end students were given a chance to test the electrical bikes.





Biogas Compact Workshop 2012 (Apr. 10-Apr. 13 2012)

As in the past years the Master Course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at the University of Oldenburg will hold a 4-days workshop on mass dissemination of domestic biodigesters.

The course will cover biochemistry, planning and technology of biodigesters in developing countries.

The topics are ranging from planning, construction and operation to financing, policy implementation and local market development! Long term experiences will be presented by specialists of bio-digester programs in (South-East) Asian countries. Our experts from SNV Netherlands have been working in several biogas-programes tailored to rural areas of developing countries for more than 20 years. The workshop includes practical parts in which you get in touch with a bioreactor and you will experience handling and working with biogas. At the end of each day we will have moderated sessions in which we can discuss occuring topics depending on the interests of the participants.

The workshop will be held together with the students of the current course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy ( You will also find more information about the workshop and contacts there.

We are looking forward to meeting you in April.


Preis der Lehre 2011

In the category "the best professionalization module" Hans-Gerhard Holtorf, Michael Golba and Andreas Günther were awarded for their specialisation module "Rural Energy Supply" in the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy. According to the jury, the practical module boasts an international orientation. The heterogeneity of the student group is seen as an opportunity and challenge. International students with and without previous experience worked on an interdisciplinary task. They are supervised by a faculty team, which included external experts. The jury also particularly judges positive that the work results of the students were presented on a specially designed conference. The "Preis der Lehre" is awarded since 1998 at Oldenburg University in three categories: specialisation module, professionalization module and supervision of scientific research work. The PPRE students made the award ceremony a very touching event by cheering loudly when Andreas, Hans and Michael were proclaimed winners of the competition in their category.


The photo shows (left to right): Head of Universtitätsgesellschaft Michael Wefers, awardees Katrin Ratz, Prof. Dr. Corinna Hößle, Prof. Dr. Dirk Albach, Dr. Klaus Bernhard von Hagen, Andreas Günther, Hans-Gerhard Holtorf as well as the vice president of the university Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde

<< See also here >>

1st Excursion to RE Facilities in the North West of Germany

Bild BildBildBildBildBild

New EUREC & PPRE students involved in Intro Lab work!


PPRE Challenge 2011

Oldenburg 12-13 Jul 2011. Sports are back to PPRE. For the forth time PPRE students face staff members on unrivaled sport battles for victory.

The jousts started on Tuesday (12th) when Daria Mashnick and Germán Campero faced Michael Golba and Andre Klaiber in a doubles tennis match that led PPRE students to victory. The match was close, neither of the teams held anything back, but at the end the balance inclined toward the students, whom won by score of 8:6 in the first set and 6:4 in the second.

On Wednesday the battles continued. The contenders first faced each other on a beach volleyball match in teams of 4. The game was tough, there was sand flying everywhere, balls came and went in a matter of seconds. At some moments the students felt in trouble, when facing such volleyball-star-players in the staff team as Udo Kulschewsky and Edu Knagge which didn't make the game easy for the student. Finally the students team imposed their strength and will over the staff, which led them to win 2 out of 3 games. Victory for the students again!

PPRE Staff

To end the jousts, the volleyball game was followed by a very exciting football match. The weather was gloom, the players hungry of victory, and the stakes high. Both teams lined up in their own side of the pitch, black uniform for the staff+alumni team and white for the students. The first half of the game was characterized by a series of attacks by each team on their opponent's ground. No real dominance of one team against the other could be seen, and the wet grass and ball didn't make it easier for anybody. The second half started pretty much in the same fashion as the first, until a fabulous play started at the middle of the pitch between Orlando Venegas and Miguel Piñera led the student team to the first goal (42') of the game by Orlando. Unfortunately for the students, less than one minute after goal, Burak ______, from the staff+alumni team, took advantage of the celebration mood that the students were still under and scored the second goal (43') of the game.

PPRE Students

The balance equalled 1 to 1. The game continued with an even more fierce and determined stance from each team, no one wanted to give even the slightest chance to their rival. The clock kept on running, and at one moment it looked as if the game score wouldn't chance, until a slippery ball came in the direction of Dr. Detlev Heinemann, very close to the student's goal, where he made use of his best moves to score a beautiful goal (58') that led the staff+alumni team to victory just two minutes before the final whistle.

At the end the jousts finished with 2 out of 3 wins of the students against the staff members, but the highest gain was watching both parties enjoying the games and uniting later in a barbecue offered by the staff, letting everyone know that the only winner is PPRE itself.

Word of advice for the 2011-2013 batch, start training soon, otherwise you won't have an easy task agains the staff in next years jousts. But above all, enjoy your stay here!


Alvaro Ramírez

Final Excursion from 30.5. - 12.6.2011

PPRE/EUREC/SEM students on a foggy Friday, 10.6.2011 reaching the top ("Hohe Kisten" Peak, 1922m above sea level)of the trip. A detailed report about the excursion will be available soon.


11.3.2011: Practical Trainings 2011

In February and March 2011 PPRE Students are doing their external practical trainings in various RE Institutions worldwide. Whereas the majority of the MSc-Students are doing their compulsory internships in Germany, almost half of the current batch (namely 10) travelled for the internships to institutions abroad: 3 to Indonesia (2 joined our partner Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) of Surabaya, 1 the local GIZ office), 3 to South Africa (where they joined our partner Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth), 1 to Brazil (to join our partner Universidade Federal do Amazonas in Manaus), 1 to Bangladesh, 1 to Ethiopia and 1 to Denmark.

<<the complete list of internship places is given here>>

Dr. Atlas Augusto Bacellar from Partner University in Manaus/Brazil on research visit in Oldenburg

The Research visit from Dr. Atlas Augusto Bacellar was a planned cooperation activity to discuss and develop curriculum focusing an implementation of a Renewable Energy Post-Graduation Programme in the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), in Manaus/Brazil. During his visit, Dr. Bacellar presented one of his research project in the area of renewable energy named "Electric Energy Generation Using Ethanol from Manioc in the Amazon Region". He also presented his local research institute called CDEAM at UFAM and other local research activities.


Dr.Bacellar surrounded by Oldenburg members of the Developing Sustainability Network (info here)

Personal Background:

Dr. Atlas Augusto Bacellar

Civil Engineer

Working at the University of Amazonas since 1979.

Doctorate degree in electric engineering at Federal University of Pará

Doctorate Thesis: Electric Energy Generation Using Floating Biomass from Madeira River

From 1998 until 2002 was the UFAM's Technology Faculty director.

Since 2004 researcher of UFAM Energy Development Center CDEAM

During 2006 to 2007 was the CDEAM's director

Researches focused in the field of renewable energy, mainly regional biomass.

Another strong increase of applications was noticed

The PPRE selection committee selected some 25 candidates out of approx. 290 applications for PPRE2011/13.

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PPRE & EUREC-Students meet Prof. Dan Kammen, US at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg to discuss Climate Change Policy

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WindWorkShop from 8.-10. January 2011

PPRE starts manufacturing own wind turbine series

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White greetings from Energielabor Oldenburg

Wheres the sun <<click here to download>> 

Christmas Party at EHF - Research Group on 14.12.2010

Some impressions of the Christmas Party at EHF Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachtsfeier  Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachtsfeier  Weihnachtsfeier 

The new Master-Students at the Intro-lab

Our new students have arrived. Apart from registration and formal matters, first thing is the Winter Intro Lab. Experimenting, calculating, discussing, pondering. Few impressions, possibly bringing up old memories.  Bild New Master Students 

New Master Students New Master Students