Graduate School 'Science and Technology' 

The aims of the graduate school are to train students in an international and interdisciplinary context. They learn to develop inventive research questions and new approaches to solving problems, to plan and manage projects and to present the results of their studies. The PhD students learn about the relevant models and hypotheses in their field of science and can practise discussing them.

The curriculum combines several disciplines ensuring that the students are able to integrate their scientific skills into a broader context. All curriculum elements serve to enhance the scientific independence and creativity of the PhD students.

5 Jahre Graduiertenschule Oltech

Feier am 22. Oktober 2014,16.00-19.00 Uhr

Bibliothekssaal der Zentralbibliothek
(Campus Haaren­tor, Uhlhornsweg 49-55, 26129 Oldenburg


musikalische Einstimmung

Begrüßung durch den Direktor der Graduiertenschule
Prof. Dr. Georg Klump


Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery (Präsidentin der Universität)
Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon (Dekan der Fakultät V)
Prof. Dr. med. Gregor Theilmeier (Dekan der Fakultät VI)
Stephan Albani (Geschäftsführer Hörzentrum, MdB)

musikalisches Intermezzo

Strukturiertes Promovieren in der Medizin
Dr. Alice Edler (Munich Medical Research School)

Promovieren in der Graduiertenschule Oltech
Friederice Pirschel (Promotionsstudentin, Neurosciences)
Laura Verbeek (Promotionsstudentin, ICBM)

 musikalischer Ausklang


Im Anschluss laden wir zu einem kleinen Umtrunk mit PowerPoint-Karaoke ein.

Wir bitten um eine Anmeldung für die Veranstaltung.


5th Anniversary of the Graduate School Oltech

Event at October 22nd 2014, 4-7 pm

Bibliothekssaal (BIS), Campus Haarentor


After an opening speech by Prof. Dr. Georg Klump there will be short introductory speeches by the university president, Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery, Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon (Dean of the Faculty V), Prof. Dr. med. Gregor Theilmeier (Dean of the Faculty VI) and Stephan Albani (Chief Executive Officer of the Hörzentrum Oldenburg, MdB).

Dr. Alice Edler (LMu) will then give a talk on “Strukturiertes Promovieren in der Medizin” (Structured Doctorates in medicine).

Members of Oltech will then look back on their time in OLTECH and at the University of Oldenburg.

After a few closing words refreshments will be served and the informal part will start with a PowerPoint Karaoke.


Event and Dates

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5 Jahre Graduiertenschule Oltech - Anmeldung

Feier am 22. Oktober 2014,16:00-19:00 Uhr

Bibliothekssaal der Zentralbibliothek
(Campus Haaren­tor, Uhlhornsweg 49-55, 26129 Oldenburg


Summer School
Computational Molecular Analysis


Sept. 29 - Oct. 3,2014
ICBM, Terramare, Wilhelmshaven

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Dr. Klaudia Hettwer
Julia Rudman

Coordinator of the Graduate School Science and Technology


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