Computational Neuroscience


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AG Computational Neuroscience 2012

Jutta Kretzberg


Jutta Kretzberg


Tel. +49-(0)441-798-3608
Office: currently W4-0-58

Email: jutta.kretzberg[at]

Project: Teaching, writing grants and making coffee...

Background: Diploma in Computer Science, PhD in Neuroscience

Leon Juarez Paz


Leon Mauricio Juarez Paz

PhD student

Tel. +49-(0)441-798-3608

Office: W4-0-58

Email: l.m.juarez.paz[at]

Project: Retinal Coding (electrophysiology and data analysis)

Background: Medical Engineering

Friederice Pirschel


Friederice Pirschel 

PhD student

Tel. +49-(0)441-798-3621

Office: W4-0-60

Email: friederice.pirschel[at] 

Project:  Encoding of tactile stimuli in leech neurons (electrophysiology and data analysis)

Background: Biology

Lena Koepcke  

Lena Köpcke 

PhD student

Tel. +49-(0)441-798-3608

Office: W4-0-58

Email: lena.koepcke[at] 

Project: Mathematical methods for neuronal data analysis (data analysis)

Background: Mathematics


Gerrit Hilgen


Tel. +49-(0)441-798-3316

Office: W4-0-70

Email: gerrit.hilgen[at] 

Project: Voltage-sensitive dye imaging of leech neurons

Background: Biology

Student research and teaching assistants:

Mareike Wendorff

Vincent Kunze

Louise Rawolle

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Former Postdocs:

Andreas Thiel 

Sirko Straube

Former PhD students

Friedrich Kretschmer: Development of a setup for behavioral experiments (defended 5/2012)

Former Diploma and Master's students:

Friedrich Kretschmer (Biology & Computer Science) 

Insa Winzenborg (Mathematics)

Ina Burghaus (Mathematics) 

Imke Reimer (Mathematics)

Nicole Cichon (Biology)

Julia Furche (Mathematics)

Friederice Pirschel (Biology)

Lena Köpcke (Mathematics)

Markus Kappel (Biology)

Till Sacher (Biology)

Former Bachelor students:

Thomas Coors (Biology)

Britta Frehse (Biology)

Janina Ahrens (Biology)