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The International Student Office awards grants for studying abroad at a Non-European university. The grant amounts to a maximum of 2.000 EUR.

Calls for applications are open twice a year (October/November and March/April). Applications are only accepted during the application period. We are calling for applications again from March 12, 2018.

Who can apply?

  • All students (bachelor's and master's degree students) of Oldenburg University may apply who are planning to study abroad at a Non-European partner university of Oldenburg University. Minimum time spent abroad: one semester.

  • Not eligible for applying: doctoral students, students who have won a DAAD scholarship and students who have already received funding from another institution.


Funding is available for up to EUR 2.000 and is intended to cover costs that are related to studying abroad (e.g. travel costs, costs for accommodation, books, study material, tuition, excursions). Students who receive BAföG will be paid a maximum amount of EUR 300 per month. 


Step 1: Please complete the online application.

Step 2: Please submit hard copies of all necessary documents (2-7) to the International Student Office (Ms Tina Grummel). Applications sent by email will not be accepted.

  1. Online Application

  2. Application Form

  3. Letter of Motivation (in German or English, max. 2 pages)

  4. CV (German or English)

  5. Proof of Voluntary Work (brief confirmation is sufficient) 

  6. Current Transcript of Records (»Notenbescheinigung«, download in Stud.IP) 

  7. Certificate of Enrolment (for the current term)

Letters of recommendation are not requested.

The letter of motivation is intended to show your reasons for going abroad and what you plan to do at the host institution. Please explain why your stay abroad is beneficial to your academic and (maybe also) your professional career and demonstrate if you will get credit in Oldenburg for the courses you will be attending abroad. Let us know if you are seeking an intercultural experience abroad.

The scholarships will be awarded by a committee in consultation with all faculties. The following criteria will be considered: academic performance (30%), voluntary work (20%), motivation (50%).

If you have any questions regarding your application please do not hesitate to contact us.

The decision of the committee is final. There is no right of appeal.


I have applied for the Mobility Grant. Can I still apply for the Fernweh grant?

No, you cannot apply for the Fernweh grant and the Mobility Grant. As these scholarships are both financed from semester contributions, you cannot receive both.

I have applied successfully for the Deutschlandstipendium. Can I also apply for the Fernweh grant?

No, if you receive a Deutschlandstipendium, you cannot receive the »Fernweh« grant. The Fernweh grant can only be awarded to students who do not already receive funding from third-party organisations (for example DAAD, Fulbright, Erasmus).

I would like to apply for the Fernweh grant and the PROMOS scholarship. Is this possible or are there any implications?

You are welcome to apply for both programmes. Please mark the programme you are applying for – or both – with a cross on the application form. However, you may only be awarded one scholarship/grant due to the fair competition regulations.

I have applied for International BAföG. Will this affect the Fernweh grant?

You can apply for the Fernweh grant if you receive International BAföG or BAföG. If you state this on the application, it will be considered automatically if the grant is awarded. You can receive a maximum grant of 300 EUR per month (Section 21.3.6 BAföG states that performance-based grants up to a monthly average of 300 EUR are exempt from inclusion.

What does volunteering mean?

Volunteering is unpaid work in associations, organisations or public offices (for example supervising children on trips, voluntary sports coaching, involvement in community events).

I am not currently a volunteer. Can I include volunteering tasks I have done in the past?

Yes, you can.

I have already applied for the Fernweh grant but I was not considered in the first application period. Can I apply for the second application period?

Yes. However, we recommend that you speak to the International Student Office first.

When will I be notified of whether I have been awarded a Fernweh grant?

Usually you will be notified approximately 4-6 weeks after the committee session at the end of the application period.

I have received the Fernweh grant. Do I need to do anything else?

As a grant holder, you are obliged to promote exchange opportunities at the University of Oldenburg in the target country and guest university. You will receive a marketing package (with flyers and additional information) which you can use to promote the university. You must also submit a report of your experiences after your stay abroad, which may (if permitted) be shared with other students to motivate as many students as possible to study abroad.



Tina Grummel
Study Abroad Advisor (USA/Canada) and Scholarships


Office hours:
Tuesday & Thursday  10–12.30h