Epidemiology and Biometry


Teaching in the medical Curriculum has recently been re-structured. It had become necessary to epidemiology and biometry teaching from the "Science Path" so as to avoid restriction to Basic medical statistics as needed in Student Research projects.

We now offer a very basic introduction into medical statistics and epidemiological research concepts in year 2. This is complemented by practical skills sessions. Students use the Software SPSS. Those interested in statistical programming are offered introduction to R.

Following Basic introduction students will work on a self selected data Analysis Project. This corresponds to a small Research Project (or Bachelor Thesis) (Year 2 and 3).

In year 4, epidemiology and biometry teaching is embedded in Journal Clubs, covering the Topics Frequency, Therapy, Prognosis, Etiology, Diagnostic Test Accuracy, Meta-Analysis and Clinical Practive Guidelines, taught in small Groups and necessitating active involvment of students.