Energy and Semiconductor Research

The Energy and Semiconductor Research Laboratory (EHF) constitutes one of the main focus points of research at the University of Oldenburg in the Institute of Physics. In the EHF Laboratory research is performed on fundamental physics of semiconductors and complex systems as well as in applied physics in the field of renewable energies.

Teaching contributions cover both general physics and specific energy related topics. In addition, EHF offers the three semester MSc course 'Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy' (PPRE) in English language for graduates.


Bild Laboratory for Chalcogenide Photovoltaics
Bild Energy Meteorology

Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics

Energiespeichertechnologie Energy Storage Technologies
Experimentelle Physik komplexer Systeme Experimental Physics of
Complex Systems
Optoelectronic Organics
Nanochemie Nanochemistry Bild Postgraduate Programme
Renewable Energy
Bild Physics of Interfaces



In 2004, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research has been established in co-operation with Hannover University.


The EHF is also a member in the collaborative project Affinity-regulated artificial Synapses in the Research Center Neurosensorics. ­



The EHF contributes as well to the Center of Interface Science which was founded in 2006.