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Our Group in 2014



August 2014: ISOS XVII Poster Prizes


Again this time Oldenburg's silicon chemists were awarded with two prizes at the International Symposium on Silicon Chemistry XVII in Berlin. Lena Albers' Poster "Cationic Rearrangements in Polysilanes - The Surprising Preference for Hydrogen Bridged Silyl Cations" was under the ten best posters out of 252 contributions. Natalie Kordts' self drawn poster which she presented in the context of the "Silicon Youth Valley: Si & me" was awarded the special prize for best chemical art.






January 2014: PH.D. DEFENSE

Matti Reißmann passed his final Ph.D. exam successfully. 
"Synthese, Charakterisierung und Reaktivität von silylkationischen Lewis Paaren"

September 2013: IUPAC Poster Prize

Natalie Kordts was awarded the IUPAC Poster Prize at the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2013 in Darmstadt. Combining her remarkable results with her passion in design made her self-drawn poster "New Catalyst for CF Bond Activation" outstanding.


Again this year, 18 students from different schools in Lower Saxony joined our preparation seminar for the annual International Chemistry Olympics where they had the chance to deepen their theoretical knowledge and practice working in a laboratory.

December 2012: Ph.D. Defense

André Schäfer passed his final Ph.D. exam successfully.
"Silyliumionen und Silylkationische Lewispaare"

November 2012: Ph.D. Defense

Patrick Zark passed his final Ph.D. exam successfully.
"Experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchungen zu amino- und silylsubstituierten cyclischen Tetrylen"

October 2012: Master Defense

Crispin Reinhold successfully defended his Master thesis.

Juli 2012: Ph.D. Defense

Claudia Gerdes passed her final Ph.D. exam successfully.
"Terphenylsubstituierte 7-Silanorbornadiene und das erste 7-Silanorbornadienylkation als Precursorverbindung für ein intermediäres Silyliumyliden"

Juli 2012: Master Defense

Dennis Lutters successfully defended his Master thesis.

May 2012: International Chemistry Olympics 2013

For the fourth time our workgroup held a two day preparation seminar for the annual International Chemistry Olympics. 26 ambitious students from different schools in Lower Saxony joined this course where they had the chance to extend their theoretical knowledge and to experience the practical work in a laboratory.

March 2012: OLB-/EWE-Award

Crispin Reinhold is awarded this year's OLB-/EWE-Award for outstanding student performance.


February 2012: Visiting Ph.D. student from France

Juliette Berthe, Ph.D. student at Laboratoire Hétérochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée, Toulouse, (Group of Prof. A. Baceiredo) is conducting a research project in our group from February till April.

October 2012: Highlight Article

Our article "A New Synthesis of Triarylsilylium Ions and Their Application in Dihydrogen Activation" in Angewandte Chemie is ranked as very important paper.
A. Schäfer, M. Reißmann, A. Schäfer, W. Saak, D. Haase, T. Müller,
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 12636.


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October 2011: Visiting student from Iran

Nastaran Hayati Roodbari from Teheran University, Teheran, Iran is conducting a research project in our group as an IAESTE student from October till November.

November 2011: Master Defenses

Lena Albers, Corinna Borner, Natalie Kordts and Kai Schütte all successfully defended their Master theses.

August 2011: Oldenburg's Silicon chemists are ahead

Patrick Zark and André Schäfer received both Poster Awards at the XVI International Symposium on Organosilicon Chemistry (ISOS XVI, August 14 - 18, 2011, McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada) out of a competition of 172 Posters (see www.isos-xvi.org/). They enjoyed (and survived) together the first price, a round trip with a DC3 Dakota. Claudia Gerdes perfected our performance with a Poster of Distinction!

André Schäfer and Claudia Gerdes were also very successful at the Inorganic Discussion Weekend of the Canadian Chemical Society (IDW, August 19 - 21, Crown Plaza, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada). André won the poster competition and Claudia's poster received once again a mark of distinction. Needless to say that they presented different topics at both conferences! (see www.isos-xvi.org/post-isos-overview/).

June 2011: Highlight Articel

Our article "Stannylium Ions, a Tin(II) Arene Complex, and a Tin Dication Stabilized by Weakly Coordinating Anions" in Chemistry is ranked as very important paper.
A. Schäfer, F. Winter, W. Saak, D. Haase, R. Pöttgen, T. Müller,
Chemistry - A European Journal 2011, 17, 10979.


- Nachrichten aus Chemie + Technik, March 2012

June 2011: Cover Page of Organometallics

Our article "Disilylfluoronium Ions - Synthesis, Structure and Bonding" was selected for the front cover of Organometallics.
N. Lühmann, H. Hirao, S. Shaik, T. Müller,
Organometallics 2011, 30, 4087.

Mai 2011: Ph.D. Defense

Nicole Lühmann passed her final Ph.D. exam successfully.
"Die Anwendung von Organoelementkationen der Gruppe 14 in der CF-Aktivierung und theoretische Studien zu Verbindungen mit einem zweifach koordinierten Siliciumatom"

January 2011: Ph.D. Defense

Nadine Dehnert passed her final Ph.D. exam successfully.
"Reaktion der Halogenide der Gruppe 14 mit 1,5-Diphenylbisbidin"