Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University consists of two partial locations:

  1. Philosophenweg (public location)
  2. Küpkersweg ( nonpublic location)

With its stand of plants and scientific facilities, the Botanical Garden serves teaching and reseasrch at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg as well as education of the public. Owing to its more than 6,000 plant species (location Philosophenweg) it affords an insight into the diversity of the flora in different climatic zones of the earth. Moreover, it gives new impulses to understanding systematic, phylogenetic, plant sociological, ecological, physiological, and genetic relationships. Experimental ecology represents a special field of research (lysimeter system, open fields for biological cropping culture, vegetation hall, green-houses) at the location Küpkersweg.


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Botanical Garden


Director Prof. Dr. Dirk C. Albach 798-3339
Scientific head Dr. Klaus Bernhard von Hagen 798-3334 oder 777654
Technical head Klaus Reis 777654
Manager Küpkersweg Holger Ihler 798-4059
Official clerk Andrea Lübben 777654



Philosophenweg 39 - 41
Tel.: 0441 / 777654
Fax: 0441 / 71641
e-mail: bot.garten(at)
Tel.: 798-4059

Isotope laboratory

Handling of open radioactive emitters is only allowed inside the rooms of the isotope laboratory at Oldenburg University. Therefore, it can be used by all affiliates of the university. There are several laboratories for nuclide-specific work. All labs are equipped in accordance with the provisions of the radiation protection ordinance and additionally contain basic equipment for biochemical, molecular biological as well as production-biological applications. As yet, handling authorisations for 64 different nuclides have been obtained. The isotope laboratory is designed as a control area. The user service includes metrological and safety-related mentoring, controlling of human and environmental contamination and also the regular disposal of waste.

Director   apl. Prof. Dr. Markus Hauck         798-3315
Substitutes   Dr. Alexander Scholten
  Inga Kayser